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Control Hypnosis

Most men who contact me use one word to describe what kind of hypnosis they want; they want to be "controlled". Silly boys, control can mean a lot of different things, especially when it comes to hypnosis. Never use this one word to explain what you would like me to do. Most days, I'm nice. I will simply tell you that I am not a mind reader, and gently refer you to this page where you can get some ideas on what kinds of control there are.

If you catch me on a day when I am being not so nice, you might end up being controlled into doing something you would never think of doing in the first place. You may not like it.

Types of Control

These are just a few suggestions to get your mind rolling. Remember, the possibilities are endless on what we can do, and how I can control you. I enjoy them all, (but really enjoy the more bizarre and intricate sessions.)

Basic Control

This is my basic session. If you aren't too clear on what you want, or aren't willing to spill all your dirty little secrets just yet, I will use this type of control. I normally do a variation of it on everyone's first call, just because it is so simple and easy to manipulate per fetish needs. I simply take you under and control that one, primal act that all you men try to control; your orgasm.

A basic Control Hypnosis session will have you being taken under with my induction, then I will control your masturbation technique and when you actually come.

Sensual Control

This to my favorite kind of control. I love pets, I love creating them... toying with them, making them want me more and more. This is exactly what I do with Sensual Hypnosis, I take you into your trance and make you want me more. Make you crave me like a drug, within a few sessions, you feel my every word pierce you, I get under your skin and become your every want, your every need.

I make you fall in love with me, stalker love, sick love, the kind of love where you think of me every waking moment, till you feel as if you are going crazy. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't... maybe I have you just where I want you.

I take my time with this, I toy with you like a cat toys with a mouse before it kills it. I enjoy every minute getting under your skin. This is a slow build, I'll make you call me once every week or so, then you will feel the urge, life or death need to call me more and more often.

I take men so deep, so far, that they even scare themselves with how far they will go to please me.

Goddess Control

Goddess Control takes Sensual Control up even another notch. I become your new religion. You worship me. You live for me. You put me first before yourself, your family, or even your job. This is not for the faint of heart, this kind of control is very structured and extreme. I will test your faith at every turn to see how much you love your goddess.

Micro Control

I will control every aspect of your life with hypnosis, from when you come, what weight you are, to what you eat for breakfast. In the past, I have made men switch jobs, pay monthly tributes to me, lose weight and get a complete new wardrobe.

This can be mixed in with feminization, and is extremely beneficial to those who want to be feminine 24/7.

Taboo Control

Give me the choice to make you do the sickest things imaginable. Plain and simple, I will force you to commit kinky sex acts either through fantasy (while under hypnosis), or by using triggers and suggestions to force you to fulfill them in real life. You may express your limits to me before the induction begins, but I will use those limits to push you as far as I can.