Your Sweet Addiction
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Feminization Hypnosis

A rather large word that means a whole lot of things. Each of us has our own idea of what feminization means. To some, it's to be completely transformed into a woman. To others, feminization means you like to put yourself in a pair of silky, sexy panties.

I like to break that word down into three different categories that can and should be intermixed whenever there is a chance to.

Panty Boys

Panty Boys can range from everything from raging faggots, to John Wayne types who just happen to like to wear panties, to those who know they are perverts and need to be laughed at for their little secret. And of course, everything in between. The one thing they all have in common is their love for panties. Dainty, sexy, or just your plain cotton brief, panty boys just can't resist not to put on a pair of ladies knickers. Whether it be the feeling they get when they slide a pair on, or how the cloth feels as its pulled tight against their cock and balls, there is just something about a pair of pretty panties that turns them on.

For panty boys, I like to make them more addicted to the 'lil silky undies. I like to make them crave panties like drugs. My favorite thing to do is to take the man's man and make him want that little bit of femininity underneath his clothes at all time. Of course, I like to tinker a little and make it so Panty Boys can't reach orgasm unless they are touching a pair, it's just to irresistible for words.

Of course we can also plant other little seeds, little deeds you can do while you are wearing your panties. We can either keep these deeds in your imagination through a role play, or actually make you go out and accomplish devilish little tasks, depending on where your subconscious wants you to go. We can make you crave toys or even cock while you wear your panties or turn your knickers into your "superman" suit of sorts and make you a masturbation hero or send you out on a cock caper.


The Sissy. Such a fun word to say and an even better partner to play with. Sissies can range from someone who wants to take on a feminine role for a time, to cross dressers, to humiliation sissies who need to be giggled at endlessly. Sissies are known for their soft voices, girlish giggles, and limp wrists.

For sissies, I like to start with the basics. Make them move, talk, laugh, and of course cum like the girlie slut they are. I like to transform their voices, so that whenever they hear me speak or sense a certain trigger, that voice spews from their lips, no matter how hard they try to sound masculine. I also like to create an alter ego for them, their femme ego, give her a name, and even a specific look. My favorite looks come from the pin up girls from the 1940's.

Of course, my favorite is to make them cock sucking whores, but that's just a person preference of mine. There are many many straight sissies, who just enjoy being feminine. They enjoy having sex with women, as women, which is a nice treat for me.

Forced Bi Sluts

Gay or straight, it really doesn't matter. These males crave dick, want dick. They want to suck it, they want to fuck it, they want to rub their own dicks on other dicks. They, plain and simple, have dick on the brain and just can't seem to get it out of their head.

Oh, and I get off making real men go down on other men... what can I say, I'm a bit pervy that way. It's my porn. For my hypnosis subjects, I tend to make them want dick so much, they practically go crazy. I love it when I get a man to suck his first cock, whether in fantasy or reality, I just can't get enough, nor will my slut.

I love being a pimp, I love sending my little cock sucking minions out in the world, only for them to come back with a fist full of money and a stomach full of cum.